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What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless dent removal is a method of repairing dents in a vehicle's body without the need for repainting. This technique involves using specialized tools to gently massage the dent out of the metal panel, returning it to its original shape. This method is often used for small dents and dings, and is considered to be a cost-effective and efficient way to repair a vehicle's body.

The process involves using reflective lighting and many specialised tools designed to gain access from behind the dent and massage it out.  Dent2Go use the best quality tools and lighting from the USA and practice the latest techniques enabling us to access and remove dents, producing top results and customer satisfaction. 

PDR is environmentally friendly. Conventional panel and paint requires your car to be sanded, filled, primed, painted often involving paints or products that harm the environment.

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