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If a car has been out in the open during a hailstorm it may have been affected by hail impacting on the vehicle panels. These hail dents can vary in size from 3mm - 50mm+ . Dents 20mm or less may not be visible to the naked eye. Please contact us if you think your vehicle may have been affected by hail.


Hail damage can be repaired using paintless dent removal. Using high quality LED lighting highllights the damage down to the factory paint peel.  LED lighting is important for checking damage and is paramount for a high quality finish.


Dent2Go uses LED lamps, specialised tools, tips and glue pulling systems. Hail damage can be removed by accessing  the dent from the inside / back side to slowly push the dent with multiple pushes and/or glue tabs to pull. This enables us to repair the damage without affecting the original factory paint. 


Hail damage will be covered by vehicle insurance

Generally, repairs (depending on the size and/or amount of damage) can be repaired within a day

Dent2Go work with all major insurance companies and approved collision repair shops

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